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In Office Care

In Office Care

The Elite Difference

The Elite Difference

Come and visit me in my Austin clinic for one on one care. In the office I can provide hands on solutions to your problems, and I will be sure that your care continues after our visit with personalized home care solutions that you can continue to use to make progress between office visits. My clinical passions are complex diagnosis and educating patients.


The Elite Difference

The Elite Difference

The Elite Difference

All of my in office therapies are comfortable to experience and highly effective. This includes the use of gentle tools such as the state of the art Erchonia Purcussor and Adjustor machines, plus cold laser and hands on corrective therapies.


Comprehensive Care

The Elite Difference

Comprehensive Care

When appropriate I can also provide nutritional consulting and yoga based therapies, often creating significant impacts of overall comfort, function and wellbeing.

Results Matter


Chad Vaughn

"Dr Anderson is a vital part of keeping me performing at my highest competitive ability."

2x Olypmian
4x U.S. National Champion
US Record Holding Weightlifter


Katie Wilcoxen

I had chronic pain from an emergency surgery done while in Africa. I exhausted all other western medicine options trying to figure out why I was still having stomach pain over a year after surgery. Within a month of care with Dr Ben I was no longer having constant pain, and now I'm pain free! Dr. Anderson figured out how to decrease and eventually stop my pain!!


Honali Austin

I started seeing Dr. Ben in 2007! I consider him my primary care physician because he just handles every aspect of my health. He has also given me superb referrals for matters that are not in his area.

The Solution Series

Self care solutions for the relief of common causes of pain and discomfort.

The Solution Series is a culmination of my favorite self care techniques developed through all of my personal experience and yoga training. These are the tools that I teach the general public in order to provide on going body maintenance creating meaningful and lasting change over time.

For less money than 20 minutes with me in the office, have me IN YOUR HOME!

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Ben Anderson DC

5750 Balcones Drive, Suite 107, Austin, Texas 78731, United States

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